Create friends group on Google SMS channel and Send SMS to your friends for free

Free SMS in IndiaRecently Google India team launched an interesting service called “Google SMS channel“.  Using Google SMS channel you can send SMS text messages to your friends for free. Even you can get SMS alerts on your mobile for news, cricket scores, Jokes, Job alerts and lot more, all for no cost! (Image credit: katielips)

How it works?
Create a group on Google SMS channel. Invite your friends to join this group by providing their mobile numbers. That’s it. You all can send SMS text messages to this group, which will reach to all registered phone numbers in your group. Isn’t it that simple?

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How to use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it

Multiple gmail ids with single email addressIf you don’t know about this then it might be great Gmail tip for you. You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses pointing to single email address.  So you can use multiple email addresses associated with single Gmail address using different aliases.

Here is how:
Let’s say your Gmail email address is:
You can use this email address with following combinations:

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What you can do to ensure your Adsense account won’t be disabled

Managing Google Adsense account is very tricky. Single silly mistake can result in your Adsense account termination from Google and your site will get banned from Adsense for lifetime. To avoid this you just need to pay little attention to changing Adsense policies. Here is collection of all Adsense policies, tips and tricks to avoid any click fraud or generating invalid clicks or impressions.

10 ways to make more money from your blog even in recession

How to make your business recession proof? Economy slowdown in US affecting rest of the world. In such situations instead of blaming the economy if you follow some simple tips you will be recession proof. I have added some tips to make your online blogging business recession proof. Read on..

20+ practical and ethical tips to earn more revenue from Google Adsense

Follow these simple Adsense optimization tips. Experiment for at least two weeks to see the results. Believe me I am not exaggerating because I am experimenting with Adsense on my different sites since long time and these are nothing but some practical and ethical tips to increase your Adsense revenue.