How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurHere is a great post on How to be a successful entrepreneur from 21-year entrepreneur Neil Patel. Neil described 10 reasons why you are not a successful entrepreneur. I think if you flip theses reasons into positive sides, you will definitely be on the right path of successful entrepreneurship!

Here are some important reasons I found, why you are not a successful entrepreneur:

1) You don’t have multiple game plans:
Have multiple game plans. If one fails other can succeed. Same thing applicable for your earning potential from your web business. Don’t rely on single revenue source like Google. Diversify your portfolio.

2) You don’t learn from your mistakes:
Learn to learn from mistakes. Mistakes can teach you great things probably no one can teach. Small or big, try to avoid same mistake again.

3) You don’t network with others:
Though I feel myself shy mixing with strangers, I personally think we should try to make as many friends as we can. Friends are great helping hands. You don’t know which friend will come for your help in any worst situation.

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