Acer Iconia Tab A500 and W500 Tablets – Price in India

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Tablet

More and more tablets are rolling out in the market. Now Acer has scheduled the launch of its first two Iconia Tablet models, A500(Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb) and W500(Windows 7) on April 8 in Europe.

Both the tablets have a price tag of 449 pounds and come with a 10.1-inch(1280*800) LED-Backlit touchscreen. W500 Tablet uses AMD’s Brazos solution and A500 Tablet uses Tegra 2 SoC (System-on-chip) from Nvidia.

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Sony Ericsson New Smartphone Models: Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro Price

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro Price:

Sony Ericsson has unveiled next-generation XPERIA Minis. It has announced the XPERIA Mini and Mini Pro, which are based on its predecessors XPERIA X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. XPERIA Mini Pro is the keyboard-equipped sibling of XPERIA Mini. Whereas, XPERIA Mini is a touchscreen smartphone. Both the phone are same, the main difference being the slide-out keyboard and the battery in the pro is slightly smaller.

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HP Veer 4G Smartphone Through AT&T

HP Veer 4G smartphone AT&T

HP Veer 4G Smartphone Review:

Finally AT&T finally announced that HP Veer 4G is finally available from May 15. This smartphone will be available in black and white color on May 15th, for $99.99 on a two-year contract. Compatible with AT&T’s HSPA+ network, The Veer 4G is a smaller version of the original Palm Pre.

According to vice president of AT&T, Michael Woodward said, “A large majority of our customers

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Motorola Atrix 4G is Available in Orange UK Stores

Motorola Atrix 4G in UK

Motorola Atrix 4G Review:

Motorola Atrix, Android powered touch screen smartphone is now available at Orange UK. It will be available nationwide in Orange stores and even online.

Motorola Atrix runs on 1 GHz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. There is a large 4-inch HD screen with 540*960 resolution with 16GB internal storage and expandable memory up to 48GB via microSD slot. It features Motorola’s WebTop application running on Mozilla Firefox 3.6

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Top 5 Latest and Best Nokia Mobile Phones in India

Nokia has always been preferred by most of the people in India. It is one of the first mobile manufacturers. They always launch great phones, feature laden with affordable prices. There are more speedy phones now with better user interface. Above all these phones are reliable and durable.

Here are the top and the best Nokia mobile phones in India

1. Nokia N8 SmartPhone

Nokia N8 SmartPhone India

This is definitely one of the best Smartphones so far, features laden.

Nokia N8 SmartPhone Price in India: Rs 22,000

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Top 5 Best Digital Cameras in India Under Price Rs 20,000

Best Digital Cameras in India

There are so many models of digital camera out in the market and it can be a mind-numbing experience to choose the right one. Before making an impulsive purchase it is required to do the homework first and then go for the best deal.

There are different price ranges of digital cameras in the market. Most of the decent digital cameras are priced between Rs. 7, 000 to Rs. 15,000. The prices depend on various brands. There are various specifications and features a buyer would look for in a digital camera like optical zoom(or digital zoom), resolution (mega-pixels), F number, focal range, focus length, display size (LCD), battery life, support capacity, compression

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12 Tips for Publishing Your First eBook

E-book market is growing by leaps and bounds especially with the invention of snazzy gadgets in the market like Kindle Reader, iPad and android phones. Moreover it has opened the doors for self-publishers in this tech savvy generation. This is a great way to brand yourself and make a difference.

Here are few tips for publishing your first ebook for the amateurs.

1. There are various ebook formats like PDF, PDB, WOBI, LRF, EPUB, TXT, RTF, etc., But prepare it in simple doc format. Grammatical and spelling errors a big no. This really irks the readers.

2. Content has always been the king. You should know where you are heading, if the content will be enjoyed by the readers and it should serve the purpose as well. Make it interesting and captivating.

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Tips to Keep Your Mobile Safe From Virus and Malware

As the technology is advancing and more and more snazzy features rolling out, more and more viruses and Malware also getting tagged along. People these days use Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones and PDA devices to access Internet via the terminals and are more vulnerable to such attacks leading to a lot of risks and hazards just like PC.

Some of the risks caused by Malware and viruses are that they empty the battery in seconds, your files might not get saved or become invisible or even deleted, your private information might get leaked. Many bugs spread from phone to phone via MMS or bluetooth.

Here are few tips to keep your mobile safe from virus and Malware:

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10 Ways to Get More Email/RSS Subscribers to Your Blog

Subscribers are the blood line of any successful blog. They surely help you grow your business and promote your products or services. Here are few effective strategies to get more Email/RSS Subscribers to the blog/website.

1. Make sure you make it clear that you accept the email or RSS subscribers. Keep all the subscription options prominent and give an alternative to RSS. Ask them to subscribe it. Include subscription links and tell the visitors how to subscribe.

2. Be proactive, participative and active user. Post in forums and be helpful to others so that people will be inclined to see what you have in your blog.

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Tips for Buying a Digital Camera

Digital cameras are available in various shapes sizes and price ranges. It is required to weigh all the options before buying a digital camera and concede the make, model and manufacturer.

Before buying a digital camera make sure you determine what you need, your budget, type of photography, what experience you have, portability and size, features, etc.

Here are some tips/guidelines for buying a camera that should meet your requirements, budget and the image quality.

1. Megapixel

Firstly select a camera depending on the print size. If you need 8*10 inch prints then 4MP or even a 3MP will do a good job. If you want to make16*20 inch prints you will need 8MP camera. For web posting or email even a 2MP camera is sufficient. Mega pixels do not correspond to the quality, only image size. Megapixel come into play only when you are printing shots.

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