Amazon Android Appstore in India

Amazon Android Appstore in India

Amazon Android Appstore is launched in India with more than 1 lakh applications. The number of android applications have been growing by leaps and bounds and these applications make the phones worth it and attractive.

Earlier only US people could access it and people in other places could not use the Amazon application store. But now it has been expanding in other countries like Australia, Netherlands and India.

Now the Indian users can download and buy the applications. This is an alternative to Android market by Google. It is very simple to download the application. You just have to visit here.  Then the application that you have selected can be downloaded. You need to log in with the help of Amazon identification. Users will have to enter their credit card details to access the app store.

The application store comes integrated with so that the users can run the applications on their browser and test them without the need to buy. To get started just go to here with the mobile browser in the Android SmartPhone.

There is an exciting “Free application a day” feature with which one can download the application or any game for free.

The rumor has it that Amazon will also launch a cheaper tablet which will stir the competition against iPad tablet by Apple Inc in November. It will be equipped with 7 inch screen like the Playbook by RIM.

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